Friday, April 25, 2014

Improving Brain Function of Head Injured and Hemiparesis victims with Simple Brain Games

I am speaking from my own personal experience. Others will need to consult with their own physicians and therapists of course.My own head injury and recovery, well documented and besdides this site with a collection of helpful articles from professionals and even a few of my own…I also can be read in the self improvement arena as you can find me on, where I’m now the mind power expert with mind brain health and success articles , [Click Here to read my bio on self growth, a new window will open] ,
OK, let me summarize briefly my condition of my brain health and how well I’ve recovered. I know everyone is affected differently and I’ve been blessed in my recovery. ( my hemiparesis success story) .

Anyway, It wasnt right away but a couple years after , i was tested with a simple game that checks brain agility, memory, concentration, even brain speed and determines your brain age. Turns out , It said my brain was was close to 70 (I was in my 20s at the time) but the computed calculated my brain age based on slow reaction, slow thinking, inability to speak clearly, and of course solving simple problems or puzzles.
But my age at that time was 40 + years younger. But let me tell you, I was coming up with correct answers but I couldnt vocalize quickly nor move the pen accurately, so while there was a huge issue with cognitive processing, even the connection between mind and hand , eye etc was not there. Of course , I was using my good side to move the stylus . No way could I uee my weak side at the time. I mean I can use it for grasping large objects but just not the fine dexterity like the good side or should I just say better side as the tips of all my fingers just dont have the sensitivity they used to.
But first let me showe you how I went from 70 tol 30 in brain age. I optimized every aspect of brain health and improvement I could access of course butr simple brain games helped immensely. YOu can statr by getting easy puzzles even at the grocery store. I think I statred out with large mazes for little kids, I mean preschool puzzles, really.
After awhile I progressed and found that there had been a game played on Nintendo ds that was benefitting people of all ages but especiall aging adults who needed to keep their brain health, speed, memory, concentration, more of course.
So  I figure, what could it hurt? I could get aggravatyed if I could do anything but my one hand wasnt too bad , so I got a nintendo and Brain Age. I got mine at Walmart but they are all around.
Heres a ;link to Amazon where you can get a good deal and even get used ones if they are in stock/
I also saw a great idea for Hand and Arm Rehabilitation System on a video from You Tube
You can Watch the Hand and Arm Rehabilitation System  video,

You can view some
Hemiparesis rehab videos here
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