Friday, April 25, 2014

Safety Shoes at Work for Hemiparesis

The company I work for right now made it mandatory to wear steel toe shoes even for some in the offices. On occasion people in offices as I have to walk through the plant.

This short post today  may save you some pain in your feet if you have had an injury toleg or you are dragging it sometimes because of hemiparesis.

Sure the company pays for the basic shoes up to a limit but there is a concern with how they are fitted for us. The people on the shoe trucks sell a lot of shoes but chances are they haven't fit any for the way we walk. The safety shoes can be painful if fitted normally while you sit.

Our feet don't move 'normally' in a straight line and movement is not consistent. When I;m tired in morning or late in the day my leg may drag or I may swing it around too much. This causes the foot to swivel side to side within the shoe. With a steel toe this causes rubbing nd when shoes have to be on all day, even redness and bleeding.
What has worked for me is going up a size and getting extra wide.

This however will cost more (for wider safety shoes with steel toes) from my experience anyway. Hopefully this will change but it will more than likely be more expensive than standard allotment by a company for safety shoes.

Its not really fair that if you have a bad leg motion from a head injury or hemiparesis that we have to pay extra for safety equipment to work. Someone may bring it up but with this injury being less than 1 out of 100,000  in the workforce anyway.. Its not going to get much attention ...

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